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Connective signing extension
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Connective signing extension

Enhance Your Signing and Identification Experience with Connective Signing Extensions

Are you tired of the cumbersome process of signing and identifying yourself on various online platforms? Look no further than Connective Signing Extensions , a powerful Chrome extension that simplifies the way you sign and identify yourself across connective based applications.

Streamlined Signing and Identification

Connective Signing Extensions offers a seamless and user-friendly solution for signing important documents and verifying your identity online. With its native plugin, you can easily integrate this extension into your Chrome browser, making signing and identification a breeze.

User Reviews Speak Volumes

Don't just take our word for it. Let's hear from users who have experienced the benefits of Connective Signing Extensions:

  • "CONSEIL: On Windows, I had to uninstall the program 'Connective Signing Plugins' before installing the extension on Chrome. After that, Itsme recognized the plugin." - Michel D Uccle
  • "This extension is extremely user-unfriendly. It is difficult to get the plugin to work, turning relatively simple administrative tasks into a nightmare." - Pieter-Jan
  • "Doesn't work. Needed for It's me but no luck." - Ruben Lenaerts

These reviews showcase the diverse experiences of users, highlighting both the successes and challenges associated with Connective Signing Extensions. It's important to note that while some users faced difficulties, others found the extension to be effective and were able to successfully sign and identify themselves.

Unleash the Power of Connective Signing Extensions

Despite the mixed reviews, Connective Signing Extensions offers a valuable solution for individuals looking to streamline their signing and identification process. By taking advantage of this extension's native plugin, you can enhance your online experience and save valuable time.

Whether you're signing important documents or verifying your identity on various platforms, Connective Signing Extensions is here to simplify the process. Say goodbye to the frustrations of manual signing and identification, and embrace the efficiency and convenience offered by this powerful Chrome extension.

Try Connective Signing Extensions Today

Don't let negative reviews discourage you. Try Connective Signing Extensions today and experience the benefits for yourself. Remember to uninstall any conflicting programs if necessary, as mentioned by some users. Unlock a new level of signing and identification efficiency with Connective Signing Extensions.

Enhances security by providing signing and identification features

Compatible with all connective based applications

Seamless integration through its native plugin

271 reviews
12 Reviews For This Extension
Julio Teixeira

This never worked once for me. Tried in all browsers I could think of.

Mohamed El Mehdi Moudden

I cannot access at all any website via this connector, it's not working even after several check,

Sebastian Vuye

I tried all browsers on my Mac - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - but none worked. Restarting the browser or restarting the computer didn't help either.

Johan Seutens

0-stars , isn't working on latest apple devices. Maybe start working instead of relying on the governmental income ( it will not last forever )

Frederik Van Daele

Browser extension doesn't recognize installed software.

Mark Vanderbeeken

It seems the problem got worse with macOS 14.0 Sonoma. There is no way to get itsme activated with an eID card reader: you see your personal identity data, but then you end up on the "Oops" page that only informs you that "something" went wrong. It's the same on all browsers.


Doesn't work

Uncle Ronald

belgium... nothing works like bruv do they make this product and then just stop caring about bugs?

Hans Van den Broeck

This just doesn't work. Hangs at 'Checking the installation of the card reader software' What a joke

Maria Kisielewska

Still issues - same story as many before me, I was perfectly normal and happy user of Itsme but I got a new phone. So went to reactivate my Itsme account with eID, should be no brainer. But alas! Now they want me to install a plug in (which I don't want) and then they are "CHECKING THE INSTALLATION OF CARD READER SOFTWARE"... and checking... and checking. The webpage just hangs there, no actions to be taken, no install file I could just download and install manually. Tried different browsers, different computers, firewall off, pop-ups enabled. NOPE. So I can't use Itsme on my new phone, can't login to my bank, government email etc Big congrats - you took something that worked perfectly fine and broke it

Damian Keane

Quite honestly the most frustrating and pointless application ever created, yet is used the verify ItsMe, a platform crucial to logging into any banking app or public service. Absolute joke

Bart Verhoeven

Ok... Not very user friendly, but I managed to make it work with itsme on Windows 11 on chrome Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit). Here is how I did it: 1. Download the software for your platform on https://plugin.connective.eu/#plugin-overview 2. Install software (make sure to install the packages for the browsers you need, for me chrome was auto unticked...) 3. Install chrome extension. 4. check if the current setup is sufficient: https://plugin.connective.eu/

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